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Egor Zigura

Born: Egor Zigura

Hometown: Dnipro, Ukraine

Living and Working: Kyiv, Ukraine

About The Artist

Appreciates the balance between an active development and stability. Perhaps that is why art works by Egor Zigura often combine a cognitive gesture, meanings research, experiments with materials, which is relevant for contemporary art, and fine classic, academic forms. His philosophy appears in a wisdom, which has no need for extra words.

Egor Zigura is a talented Ukrainian artist of contemporary art: easel and monumental sculpture in bronze, stone, wood, metal, plastic. He experiments combining various traditional and modern materials.

Born 1984 in Dnepropetrovsk city (Ukraine), graduated from the State Art School named by Taras Shevchenko (2003), and sculpture department of the National Academy of Art and Architecture (2009).

Now he is an assistant trainee of the National Academy of Art and Architecture (since 2010), and works as a teacher of drawings and sculptures in the University named by Karpenko-Kariy in Kyiv (since 2011).

Egor Zigura is a member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists (since 2012).

His artworks are in the Memorial estate of Lyzohub family (Sednev), Museum of O. Saenko (Borzna), in private collections in Ukraine (including Viktor Yushchenko, former President of Ukraine), Russia, Denmark, Germany and other countries.

Main group exhibitions:

2017 - auctions at Sotheby's , PHILLIPS

2016 — two New Now London Auctions.PHILLIPS (London, UK)

2016 — New Now New York Auction.PHILLIPS (New York, USA)

2016 — exhibited by — postModern ArtGallery  at International Art  Fair Warsaw 2016

2016 — "ARTROOMS 2016" International Contemporary Art Fair (London, UK)

2015  — "Coal Goal" (Kyiv, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine)

2015 — Festival of Contemporary Art of Young Authors (Feldman Art Park, Kharkiv, Ukraine)

2015 — Ukrainian contemporary art exhibition "The place to be" at InterContinental (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2015 — VII Great Sculpture Salon at Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2015 — Exhibition «Art Twins» at Taras Shevchenko National Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2014 — Land art festival "Spring wind. New earth " (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2014 — "The civic mysticism"  at Institute of Contemporary Art  (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2014 — "The fire of love. It is dedicated to Maidan" at M17 Contemporary Art Center (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2014 — All-Ukrainian Triennial of sculpture 2012 at Central House of Artists (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2013 — "The Industrial Eden" at Institute of Contemporary Art (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2013 — IV Fine Art Ukraine at Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2012 — Festival of Contemporary Art «GOGOLFEST» at Metalware Plant (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2012 — Great Sculpture Salon at Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2011 — Project M17- LAB «Is painting dead?" at M17 Contemporary Art Center (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2011 — All-Ukrainian Triennial of sculpture 2011 at Central House of Artists (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2010 — Great Sculpture Show 2010 at Ukrainian House (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2008 — All-Ukrainian Triennial of sculpture 2008 at Central House of Artists (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2008 — Festival of Contemporary Art «GOGOLFEST» at Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2007 — Land art festival "Spring wind" (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2007 — Festival of Contemporary Art «GOGOLFEST» at Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine)


Solo exhibitions:

2013 — Exhibition of sculptures (along with R. Saenko graphics), gallery "The Artist" (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2012 — Exposition "After Today" at Central House of Artists (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2011 — Exposition "Double measurement" together with Nikita Zigura at Hetman Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Plein-airs and symposiums in 2007-2011.

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