Those, whose stuff attracted attention in an unusual way. IAF Warsaw 2016


Those, whose stuff attracted attention in an unusual way. IAF Warsaw 2016

English version of interview by Zwrotnica Foundation, attended IAF Warsaw 2016, below:

"Our eyes were tempted by the intriguing sculptures of brothers Zigura, represented by — postModern ArtGallery. The Gallery also displayed a few artworks of Andrei Siderski — world famous yoga master. Being intrigued with their work, we enthusiastically asked Yulia Gnat — the director of the Gallery — a few questions. 

//What is your perception of art? What does it mean to you? 

Well, some people consider aesthetics as the most important aspect of art, some look at the money: does it have a potential to be sold, some think if it looks good on their wall, some care if it reminds them of places or people, etc. We are focused on art that can influence, which has some transformative effect: either with its meaning or with its form, I mean colors and shapes. A good example of this are the psychotronic artworks by Andrei Siderski, whose art we work with. His art influences the space. It is an effect of his yoga practice, he's been a yoga practitioner for 40 years and now he's well-known master not only in the former USSR countries but even worldwide. Also sculptures of brothers Zigura, which are not only about the beauty or the form, but are focused on their meanings. It's actually the best illustration of our choice of artists we want to work with. I treat very personally all the meaningful artworks, we represent as a gallery. The sculpture "Step into the unknown" by Bogdan Andriitsev is the most powerful work for me, probably because I have experienced this in my life when I changed my job from one area to a completely different one. Nowadays, we live in very stressful times. In our country a lot of people now face the question of what should they do in life because of the political turbulence and crisis. People fear the future. In this artwork artist indicates that every person is the part of the Whole, we don't live separately but we are a unity. And again, the art created by yoga practitioners — yoga art (as described by Ajit Mookerjee in the professional book "Yoga Art" in 1975) offers the total perception: all is one. "Reality is one, without a second. To realize through inner apprehension the oneness of all things by uniting the self with the Self, subject with object, zero with infinite — to intuit this supreme knowledge is the purpose of yoga and its art." 

//I see that you like art being a bit spiritual, metaphysical and very meaningful. 

Yes, we don't speak about it directly but it's a part of our archetype as a brand. We create a community of artists and people who support us, it's visible there. It's very metaphysical. Actually, art is all about metaphysics because behind the material piece of art there is a huge non-material meaning, all the values are non-material. In the past, the philosophy was called as a metaphysics, now the art is exactly about it." 

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Andrei Siderski , Nikita Zigura

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