Colossus, that contemplates
Colossus, that contemplates - 2

Colossus, that contemplates

Egor Zigura , from Aftertoday



This work is for those who appreciate classical sculpture with its flexible style and images, because "Colossus, that contemplates" leans toward the classic understanding of a sculptural image. This work is the interpretation of ancient images through classical language where the shape, staying within an academic understanding, has been partially finished with cuts to give us a take on a new reading of modern times. This contemporary Colossus, like the prototype of the God of the Sun Helios, brings to the viewer the idea of eternity and majestically contemplates the continual movement of human life. This idea along with the activity of the internal space of the sculpture is concentrated in Colossus’ look. His eyes create space, so it is this space which is dominant in the perception of the idea of this piece of art.  First artwork was created in 2012.
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Reference number 148127301411
Category Sculptures
Medium Bronze, Glass
Dimensions (HxWxL)

cm | inch

65 x 18 x 14 25.59 x 7.09 x 5.51
Weight 6.50kg
Genre&Movement&Style Contemporary
Number of Item (edition) /15
Certificate of Authenticity Yes

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About The Artist

Appreciates the balance between an active development and stability. Perhaps that is why art works by Egor Zigura often combine a cognitive gesture, meanings research, experiments with materials, which is relevant for contemporary art, and fine classic, academic forms. His philosophy appears in a wisdom, which has no need for extra words.Egor Zigura is a talented Ukrainian artist of contemporary art: easel and monumental sculpture in bronze, stone, wood, metal, plastic. He experiments combining various traditional and modern materials.Born 1984 in Dnepropetrovsk city (Ukraine), graduated from the State Art School named by Taras Shevchenko (2003), and sculpture department of the National Academy of Art and Architecture (2009).Now he is an assistant trainee of the National Academy of Art and Architecture (since 2010), and works as a teacher of drawings and sculptures in the University named by Karpenko-Kariy in Kyiv (since 2011).Egor Zigura is a member of the Na...

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