About Us

S.COM.UA provides art management services and works as an online gallery.

We aim to be a mediator in the world of art  with true transformative effects

We discover changes of art in the diverse and balanced space of Ukrainian. 

We support the opinion of a world famous London art gallery’s CEO when he quoted — “There is a feeling of experiment in Ukraine and it captivates…”.

Also we patronize the rare technology of miniature enamel painting, because it is a really incredible craft, that provides people with the fine paintings for centuries.

s.com.ua operates online and in person, and we value our conscientious working practices.

Our motivation:

s.com.ua pays attention to that processes, when art essentially transforms people.

While collecting any artworks people actually create their own environment of influential meanings and so model their world. These small, or large, works of art create everyone’s unique world with their important points of support.

s.com.ua  is founded by the people who are passionate about what they do, and develop themselves from day to day.