Artworks by Ukrainian Artists at International Art Fair Warsaw 2016


Artworks by Ukrainian Artists at International Art Fair Warsaw 2016 exhibited artworks by Ukrainian Artists at International Art Fair Warsaw 2016, 7-10 April. 

The Ukrainian gallery focuses on such art working's message as "The meaning that changes. The form that acts and affects".  At IAFwarsaw were exhibited artworks by four artists, who could be named as "Ukrainian Magicians" due to the mentioned focus:

— The actual Colossus' story in the project  "Aftertoday" by Egor Zigura.

— Eco meanings and a human's contemplation in the colorful project "The Welkin" by Nikita Zigura.

— A life force energy in grotesque forms of small works by Bogdan Andriitsev.

— AND great transformative works of Psychotronic Art by Andrei Siderski. made a special accent on the presentation of several outstanding works of Psychotronic Art by Andrei Siderski. He is the world known master of yoga, a translator of books by Carlos Castaneda, Richard Bach, author of professional literature on yoga and the book "The Third Discovery of Power" (repeatedly published since 1993), and the artist, who in the 2000s developed a movement described as Psychotronic Art, creates his works in the genre of abstract art.

International Art Fair Warsaw 2016 is a new artistic event in Poland. The first edition took place from 7th to 10th April 2016 in Warsaw. The visual arts were a pillar of the agenda of the IAFwarsaw 2016, however artists from the world of photography and modern design were also abound. The fair hosted exhibitors from Poland and abroad.

(See the list of exhibitors) experienced the international art fair's format at the first time, and sees this Warsaw' event as a good and useful case for its first steps in offline art dealing activity. As online company the gallery is preparing now to restart its online art platform, aims to come as a worldwide online art market opportunity for the great list of creative "Ukrainian Magicians".

Andrei Siderski

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