City and park sculptures


City and park sculptures

We provide management services in creating art projects, and our aim  carefully and responsible help to support and develop the live environment. 

Main sculpture projects, which were created with our art management services: 

"The New Prometheus" by Egor Zigura and Nikita Zigura, in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

The Sun energy is transformed into the energy of communication and the process of information cognition (solar battery and wi-fi hotspot).

"Everything will be OK, because even now there are Prometheuses among us" (Yulia Gnat, art manager).

This project was supported by the company ILandManagement LLC.

"The Evolution of human cognition" by Anatoliy Valiev, in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

"Stairs of cognition" by Egor Zigura and Nikita Zigura, in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

A monument, dedicated to the aircraft designer Kostyantyn Kalinin, by Egor Zigura and Nikita Zigura, in Kyiv, Ukraine.

(Photos by Oles Badio)