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Nikita Zigura

Born: 1984

Hometown: Dnipro, Ukraine

Living and Working: Kyiv, Ukraine

About The Artist

Raises topical issues of ecology in relationships between humans and nature, between people themselves, using the aesthetics of color and shape he philosophically reveals the theme of contemplation and awareness — of people, "who lift their head up". Nikita (Mykyta) Zigura is a sculptor and contemporary artist, who works with other mediums. He was born 1984 in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. 

In 2003 he graduated from Shevchenko State Art School in Kyiv (Ukraine), later graduated from the Sculpture faculty and the post-graduate course of National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv (2009-2012). Now Nikita Zigura is a member of the National Union of Artist of Ukraine (since 2012), and since 2013 he has taught drawing and sculpture at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. 

Main group exhibitions: 

2016 — exhibited by — postModern ArtGallery  at International Art  Fair Warsaw 2016. 

2016 — Charity Auction of Lozhkin Foundation (Kyiv, Mystetskyi Arsenal), the sculpture "Day" by Nikita Zigura was acquired by Feldman Family Museum

2016 — "CORPUSCULUM" exhibition at Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts (Kyiv, Ukraine).  

2016 — "ART-TWINS Message" exhibition (Taras Shevchenko Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine). 

2015 — Festival of Contemporary Art of Young Authors (Feldman Art Park, Kharkiv, Ukraine). 

2015 — VII Great Sculpture Salon (Kyiv, Mystetskyi Arsenal). 

2014 — All-Ukrainian Triennial Sculpture 2014 exhibition (Kyiv, Central House of Artist), “Love Fire” exhibition (Kyiv, Contemporary art centre M17). 

2013 — IV Fine Art Ukraine (Kyiv, Mystetskyi Arsenal), "Contemporary Ceramics in the urban space" Festival (Kyiv, factory “Yunist”). 

2012 — Contemporary art festival «GOGOLFEST» (Kyiv, The hardware factory), Grand Sculpture Salon 2012, the project “Observers”(Kyiv, Mystetskyi Arsenal). 

2011 — “Green wave” exhibition (Kyiv, Art gallery “Mystets”),  All-Ukrainian Triennial “Sculpture 2011” exhibition (Kyiv, Central House of Artist). 

2010 — “Lamp” exhibition (Kyiv, Art gallery “”), Grand Sculpture Salon 2010 (Kyiv, The International Convention center “Ukrainian House”). 

2009 — “Custom tailoring” exhibition (Kyiv, Art gallery “Mystets”), “Always, Never and Forever” ”exhibition (Kyiv, Art gallery “Berva”). 

2008 — All-Ukrainian Triennial “Sculpture 2008” exhibition (Kyiv, Central House of Artist), Contemporary  art festival «GOGOLFEST» (Kyiv, Mystetskyi Arsenal). 

2007 — Land-Art Festival "Spring Wind” (Kyiv), Contemporary  art festival «GOGOLFEST» (Kyiv, Mystetskyi Arsenal). 

Solo exhibitions: 

2015 — Project "The Welkin", Triptych Art Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine). Video-tour with an incredible atmosphere through the exposition. 

2011 — Project “Double measurement” together with Egor Zigura at Hetman Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Plein-airs and symposiums: 

2007- 2011 — 6 All-Ukrainian symposiums of stone and wooden sculpture, incl. «The Forest Song», «Livestone» , at Bucha, Cherkasy, Tustan; received prize. 

Mounted sculptures: 

2015  —  Eco-sculptures “Dialog” (Kharkiv),  “Biosphere”(Kyiv); 
Garden sculpture “Plexus” (Kyiv). 

2002-2014 — Monument to aircraft designer Kalinin, “New Prometheus” , “Stair of knowledge”, (Kyiv). 

2009-2012  —  “Malusha and Volodymyr”, Lubech ( received the President of Ukraine grant); “Sunrise” (Cherkasy); “First step”(Vita Pochtova), “Phoenix” (Dnipropetrovsk); Monument to Andrey and Illiya Lyzogub (Sednev, memorial estate of Lyzogub family);“Guest from Zaporizhia”(Cherkasy). 




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