The Geometry of Enlightment in a polithechnical context


The Geometry of Enlightment in a polithechnical context

Nowadays  the exhibition "The Geometry of Enlightment" is on in the State Polythechnic Museum. There are works of psychotronic art by Andrei Siderski, emphasized by grotesque sculptures by Bogdan Andriitsev. The exhibition is open untill 15.02.2018.

(photo: Oles Badio)

Detailed information is published at sites of the project (Geometry of Enlightment / Геометрія Просвітлення) and the organisator ( : art management & gallery).

This project is organized by the company, which provides art management services and works as an online gallery. The project was exhibited at the first time since 17.01.17 at the Kyiv History Museum, and later was invited by Kyiv-Mohyla Business School [kmbs] to be represented at the educational space of kmbs in May 2017.

Such specific exhibition as ""The Geometry of Enlightment" in a polithechnical context" was opened by the initiative of the State Polythechnic Museum at NTUU "KPI named after I. Sikorski". The Museum's Director is interested in the creating the atmosphere, which could be described as "a soul content in a technical context". Besides the fact that works of psychotronic art by Andrei Siderski are considered as a some kind of technology, there is an interesting detail - Siderski graduated from the NTUU "KPI".


Andrei Siderski was born in Kyiv in 1960. He is a world known yoga master with almost 40-years experience in practicing, one of the world's leading specialists in developing modern yoga teaching methods and psychotronic training techniques, developer of modern approach in training of yoga gymnastics and international project Yoga23, writer —  author of professional books and an esoteric work “The Third Discovery of Power” (many times republished since 1993), translator of books by Richard Bach and Carlos Castaneda, a poet and painter.

During more than 13 years Andrei Siderski creates paintings in abstract genre — works of “Psychotronic art”, an art practice and a movement that was developed and named by the artist.

An important view on his professional practice is revealed according to the book by a specialist of the sacred texts of the Indian subcontinent, art curator, collector and essayist Ajit Mukherjee "Yoga Art" (published in 1975) about works of visual art created by yoga practitioners: “Yoga art offers the total perception: All is One. Reality is one, without a second. To realize through inner apprehension the oneness of all things by uniting the self with the Self, subject with object, zero with infinite — to intuit this supreme knowledge is the purpose of yoga and its art.”

Siderski says: “I have always been interested in the process of awareness. Or rather, in the content of the so-called «inner screen», which is informed by an abstract essence of the awareness as such and not by the play of imagination… This content, an aggregate of the «informational convolutions» of event-series and conceptual complexes, reveals itself in certain visual «codes» that express the resulting states of brain, emerging in relation with the actual information processed — spatio-temporal, social, cosmic… Having explored and experimented with various graphic casts, I settled on geometric abstraction because this form renders most precisely that peculiar detached result of the awareness process, which the brain projects onto the «inner screen». My works are devoid of any specific symbolical meaning. In them I attempt to convey the content of the awareness process through abstract objects and purely physical code — the geometry of color patches, which modulate the reflected light in a certain way. Thus, when the stream of energy reaches the surface of the work and gets reflected, that reflected flow of energy contains the vibrational characteristics inherent in the initial intent of the work. It is in this way my works interact and exert an influence on space and people…”

Speaking about the art practice of Andrei Siderski it is worth to note not only his art optics, but also a powerful meditation optics, the ability to connect to areas that some call the Matrix.

The exhibition combines works that were created since 2013 year, in the space of experiencing of crisis, perception of evolutionary, breakthrough moment.

The name of the exhibition "Geometry of Enlightment" is not a unique name, it is rather the characteristic of its basic element — a unique space, created by the yoga master and artist Andrei Siderski in a certain place, at a certain time and using certain tools. 

The second participant of the exhibition is Bogdan Andriitsev. He was born 1976 in Ukraine, accepts process of creating and art in any form and in any field as the primary and undeniable value of human's life.

Every point of his life corresponds to a metaphorical creative credo — "To transform a metaphysics of the place into a physical reality". His active life inspired him also to create small grotesque sculptures, full of energy, meanings and the potential for changes in the lives of people. 

An important part of the exhibition is the subject — a person influenced by the Geometry of Enlightment. These small sculptures, works of grotesque plastic by Bogdan Andriitsev, show the real story of a real person who is in the space of Geometry of Enlightment. This is the story of a person, who is changing and changes.


The exhibition is open according to the Museum's schedule: working days 9:00 - 17:00, for free.

Contact details for information and excursion planning: +38093 414 5855,


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