Ultimate Weapon

Bogdan Andriitsev , from Grotesque Sculpture



"Being able to not hear the noise, being able to listen and imbibe the meaning and then find a balance point in any matter. This is the ultimate tool, the most effective "weapon". This is the only way to find a "win-win" situation."This particular work is identified by its lively modeling that creates a natural play of light and shadow in movement. The whole composition has only one supporting point that generates a flexible tension, the perception of a stretched string that contrasts with the internal concentration of the figure. The important thing is the movement and posture which reveal their contents to the audience. This grotesque sculpture is a part of the theme "Energy meanings", which performs such basic findings: to curb inner beasts, to find balance, to be brave at the door of the Unknown, to create without fear of losing and fly to own dreams. The Artist represents those energetic meanings, which people need now to model their better future.

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Reference number 147620154685
Category Sculptures
Medium Bronze
Dimensions (HxWxL)

cm | inch

20 x 17 x 13 7.87 x 6.69 x 5.12
Weight 1.00kg
Genre&Movement&Style Contemporary
Number of Item (edition) 1/5
Certificate of Authenticity Yes

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About The Artist

Accepts process of creating and art in any form and in any field as the primary and undeniable value of human's life. Bogdan Andriitsev was born in 1976 in Ukraine, attended an art school in youth, got a Master's degree in economics at the Kyiv National Economic University (Ukraine) in 1998, after that he worked in the financial sector. Having a creative nature, and understanding the importance of support and development of the culture in the home country, Bogdan Andriitsev has been a driver of establishing and in 2006-2012 as director of the company "ECEM Media Ukraine"  headed an extensive network of Ukrainian books stores "Knygarnya Ye", the magazine "Ukrainian Week" (Ukrainian partner of "The Economist") and online media In 2013-2014 individually and as a managing partner of investment company initiated and was a patron of creating sculptures, placed in park of technical university of Ukraine (NTUU "KPI") in Kyiv and performed by talen...

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